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Welcome to extendedwebdesign.com our goal is to Keep it Simple.
will setup your web site, Domain Name, web host, and e-mail accounts to make your web site work for you.  

Web presence is necessary in today's modern business world.
EWD is here to help you make your presence known.
Let us design and manage your web site presence today!

Free consultation is available from a simple one page web design to a more complicated e-commerce site and all options in between. Our price structure allows you to decide how large you want your site to be and to only pay for what you need.

The Internet is in its infancy as a marketing and sales medium. Regardless of where you are in your company growth, it's going to be with you as long you're in business. It is increasingly important to have that extra edge for your sales or marketing.

You want to impress existing clients, attract new ones, present the right image,
EWD offers ease of navigation and to present your product/service in a way that retains people's interest.
A good website is far more than a few clever effects and technical wizardry it is about keeping things simple but strongly focused, stylized but with a clear 'message', colorful but not distracting, effective yet affordable.

Many hosting and web design companies charge thousands of dollars per year to develop and manage your website, our goal is to offer affordable, quality web service to our customers. We believe in the value of a promise and a handshake, so e-mail us today and let's get started on your online adventure.

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